March 3rd: Public meeting / 3. Mars: Almenn fundur

Almenn fundur Heimssambands Verkafólks á Íslandi: Kynning á róttækum verkalýðsfélagum

Laugardaginn 3. Mars í Andrými

Public meeting of the IWW Iceland: Introduction to radical unionism 

Saturday March 3rd in Andrými

Are you interested in improving conditions in your workplace? Do you feel that you should have a say in important decisions concerning your life? Do you feel that democracy should not be limited to parliamentary elections every four years? Then please join us in IWW in a struggle for better lives and a better world!

Saturday March 3 we will have an open meeting in Andrými an opportunity to get together and talk about situations in our lives and how we can together change things for the better. The meeting space is not currently wheel chair accessible. There is a children´s space if you would like to bring your children.

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