Hidden People- Recurring themes

Recurring themes

crop businessman giving contract to woman to sign

No contract signed
Different tasks than agreed
Different hours than agreed
Radical changes from contract
Short notice / No notice

back view of a person in orange jacket standing near the snow covered ground

Pressure to work long hours
Working in commercial businesses
Housing insecurity, homelessness
Isolation, Short notice

Not paying salary or trial
Paying incorrectly evening, night, week-end, overtime, holidays rates
Not paying sick days
Repeated mistakes on payslips

businessman fashion man person

Bullying, mobbing
Inappropriate tasks
Unreliable work schedule
Excessive surveillance
Yelling, shouting, negative comments, threats
Sexual harassment, physical/verbal

 All testimonies had at least one of them, but many also had several of them because they are interconnected

 For example: a lack of contract often covers wage-theft, and if the worker asks for a contract, it easily escalates into bullying and/or firing.

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