Organizing advices

Organizing advices

As a worker, what can you do?

Organizing and direct action at the workplace level are some of the original tools of unions to fight for workers’ rights. They have historically been successful when the legal system was unsupportive of workers and have brought to all of us the 8 hour work day, the end of child labor, voting rights, unionizing rights, etc.

Individual workers

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Do not talk to your boss alone. You can always ask a trusted colleage to come with you.

Never sign documents before consulting knowledgable allies or institutions

Always have evidence: write down your hours, write a workers’ diary, always prefer emails to interactions.

With your co-workers

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Find your allies, organise as a group. It is easy to feel alone and powerless in these situations but you are not!

Share information and payslips. Bosses often take advantage of workers being isolated or knowing little of their rights. Comparing payslips often brings to light that you are not alone dealing with repeated mistakes.

Be prepared for set backs!

It is hard to organise a workplace which already has issues

Learn about the mechanisms of your workplace

Support each other

Create solidarity!

Share your story too:

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