Your rights: Checklist

How’s your workplace? Are you being treated fairly? Are you even being treated legally? If you answer No to any of the following, or didn’t know the answer, we urge you to contact us. We can advise you, work with you, and help you take control of your workplace.
  • Do you have a work contract?
  • If so, were the terms of the contract explained to you before you signed it?
  • Are you being paid at least the minimum wage for your profession?
  • Are you paid extra rates for working different times of the day, e.g., evenings, nights or weekends?
  • Are you paid overtime?
  • Are you paid more for working on holidays?
  • Are you paid more for being called in to cover some one else’s shift?
  • Do you get paid sick leave?
  • Do you get paid summer vacations?
  • Do you get paid a December bonus?
  • Does your employer cover your medical expenses if you are injured on the job?
  • Are you given notice of your schedule at least a month in advance?
  • Are you given paid break time during your working day?
  • Do you believe you are paid fairly?
  • Do you believe your work conditions are safe?
  • Are you allowed to discuss your salaries with your co-workers?
  • Are you asked to perform unpaid labour, e.g., extra work that you are expected to cover, on either one or more occasions?
  • Do you believe your work environment is democratic and transparent, with open and respectful lines of communication between you and management?