Norðurland Eystra Branch

This summer 2022 we (IWW members in the North East of Iceland) founded a new branch. We are organising around workplace, housing and environmental issues. If you live or work in the North East of Iceland and want to join, contact us:

Successful organising among seasonal workers!

Successful organising among seasonal workers! Temporary and foreign workers can also defend their rights! This summer we, part of the new branch of the IWW in the North East, have organised in a tourism company. Like many in this industry we are foreign and seasonal workers. Often we do not know how the labour market in Iceland works and we are easily exploited. Many companies in the tourist industry take advantage of this. Since the beginning of the season we discovered some irregularities at the workplace, including missing contracts, late schedules, long shifts and missingContinue reading „Successful organising among seasonal workers!“