First of May speech: Support workers support yourself.

A worker in the current societal structure is the one on the bottom the one actually shovelling coal into the machine’s furnace and historically the one carrying the entire structure on its back, everyone else on top are just getting a ride and further on top even just leeches with whips.
Within this point of view and being the most accurate portrait of actual life in our current society, you can easily see how hurting the base of the structure will get to you sooner or later even if your a leech since all is connected. It doesn’t come as a surprise that some of this leeches actually recognize this ahead of everyone else and initiate clever tactics like for example naming a worker as collaborator, coming up with good work environment, giving the worker more responsibility to empower him without ever holding any power or money, and the list goes on.
So I appeal to everyone specially people closer to the base and even managers to unionize properly its not enough to join your local business union, biased politically connected and enterprise run style. You should find an union politically disconnected and run by all members and not just an enterprise style board.

The Five Workers did not die in vain in the Haymarket affair!