IWW Iceland Stands With The University Teachers

While the media discussion on the university teachers’ labour dispute concentrates mostly on how this will effect exam times, IWW – Ísland contends that the most crucial element of this dispute is the demands of the teachers: that their wages be corrected in keeping with the same wage development that others in the academic workplace have enjoyed.

Let us not forget that the government has yet to demonstrate any sincere willingness to meet this basic demand. They have left the university teachers with no other choice but to walk. The IWW has for over a century now stood by the simple principle, “An injury to one is an injury to all.” By allowing the situation to deteriorate to this degree, the government is through their neglect undermining our universities, which works to actively undermine our society as a whole.

IWW Ísland implores the government to meet the demands of the university teachers, and demonstrate that they will not let our universities go neglected, nor allow the exploitation of those who work within them.

Solidarity with the teachers, at the Ministry of Education!

IWW – Ísland encourages the general public to meet for a show of solidarity with the teachers at the Ministry of Education this Friday, April 4th at 15:00. We demand the Minister of Education deals with the low wages of our teachers, instead of hiding behind proposed changes to the education system which have nothing to do with the teachers’ labour demands.