The American folk singer David Rovics is coming to Iceland on May 31st. He will play at a radical garden party at Lindargata 10. All friends of the IWW are welcome.

David Rovics sings about current and historical social struggles and he has performed at progressive events all over the world – from demonstrations against the G8 and the US Army School of the Americas to benefits for Palestinian children and local labor struggles. Read more about him and listen to his music at http://davidrovics.com/

Besides David Rovics, we will have performances by various local artists.

Members of IWW Iceland will also give an introduction to the theory and practice of the radical union, and some of the struggles that are going on in Iceland right now, and there will be other talks on radical themes.

There will also be something to eat and a free “shop”.

This is your chance to meet up with other radical progressives in Reykjavik in a friendly an relaxed atmosphere while listening to some great music!

Listen to David Rovic’s song about “When Iceland told the Bankers to F*ck Off“:

The cover is 1000 ISK (including snacks) which goes to pay David Rovics who is finishing a Europe-wide tour.

We open at 6pm. Music will start around 8pm.

Spread the word!

If you are on Facebook, you can help us with the planning by signing up at the event so we have an idea about how many will come. Invite your friends!

You can also help by spreading and sharing the promotional material for the concert. We have a poster you can hang up, and a sheet of flyers to print, cut out and hand out. Both are available for download as pdf-files here: