What we did last year

Last year was a busy year for us. We organized a monthly Workers’ Café, an opportunity for workers to meet us, learn about their rights and organize together. Before the first event everything closed down because of Covid, so we prepared information on Workers’ Rights during Covid (https://iwwisland.org/…/polish-and-english-pamphlets-about…/) and had our first ever video stream.
We continued releasing the Workers’ Café as videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch…) and received many questions from workers. In response we created two poster campaings, Know Your Rights https://iwwisland.org/know-your-rights/graphics/ and Take Control of Your Workplace https://iwwisland.org/take-control-of-your-workplace/. These posters will also soon be released as a pamphlet.

We had two major campaigns this year, both wage theft cases. Workers at Sterna https://stundin.is/…/starfsfolk-launalaust-fjorum-manudum-…/ and Messinn https://stundin.is/gr…/11231/fost-a-islandi-og-fa-ekki-laun/ have now been waiting for ore than a year for their missing wages. We supported Messinn workers in direct action. After going to the press, they increased pressure on their employer and the union by writing open letters (https://www.facebook.com/iwwisland/posts/1658095091010627https://www.facebook.com/iwwisland/posts/1658106924342777), calling for a boycott and leaving bad reviews (https://www.facebook.com/iwwisland/posts/1649431968543606) and finally picketing their old workplace https://stundin.is/…/messanum-lokad-eftir-motmaeli-fyrrum-…/.

We also participated in the protest after the fire in Bræðraborgarstígur 1 https://iwwisland.org/…/laczymy-sie-z-wami-w-bolu-i-gniewi…/ and we have started a news show “Let me Iceplain this”, in which we go over current affairs in the Icelandic labour market.

Our 1st of May last year was online and consisted of a video
https://iwwisland.org/…/rottaekur-fyrstu-mai-radical-1st-m…/, which featured a speech by one of our members