MAY DAY: The radical version

13.00 at Hlemmur: Join the Wobblies on the march
14.00 at Lækjatorg: Come hear about radical unions, environmentalism, equality and democracy and get information on your rights

Grasrótarmiðstöðin – Brautarholt 4
15.30 onwards: chat with a Wobbly about your workplace problems
15.30: What is the IWW, and what can we do together?
16.30: Learn how to organise your workplace!
18.30: “Norma Rae” – a film about a woman organiser; discussion after
21.00: A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having! Music, singing and party – BYOB, instruments and songs!

Fellow workers,

May 1st is your day! It does not belong to the employers who rent our lives, nor does it belong to the state that defends the interests of the wealthy. It belongs to us: it’s our chance to imagine a humane and environmentally-just society, and to rediscover the meaning of solidarity.

So let’s not do what we do every year: placidly file down to Ingolfstorg, listen to bureaucrats give speeches that somehow fail to mention ‘capitalism’ or ‘class’, and then disperse for waffles until next year… Let’s do something else!

We Wobblies will be there on the march, and at Lækjatorg talking about something different. We believe in a better world. We believe in beginning to build a better system today and not after some abstract revolution. We believe that together, we can abolish the wage system. We believe in making a plan with our colleagues and then acting on it, with or without permission from above. Small steps leading to bigger ones, with strategies that have proven effective in workplaces just like yours for over a century.

Sounds fun? Come to Lækjatorg where we’ll have the Real May Day speakers stand! Then join us later in the day at the Grassroots Centre, where you can learn how to organize your workplace, explore strategies past and present, get to know us, and later, have a good and proper Wobbly party with music, movies and good times!